Someone’s Been Feeling Neglected

Well, not neglected, perhaps, so much as under-shown off.  At least on my blog. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the family, Hammond (or Hamster. He answers to both).

Please ignore the general clutter in the background and the cat puke stains on the carpet and lets just focus on the beauty that is my new wheel, k?  Cuz my goodness but he is gorgeous.  And quite possibly one of my most genius ideas EVER.

Several years ago I was gifted an antique circular sock knitting machine and, while getting it working again was a great triumph, it turned out it just wasn’t for me.  The fact that years went by and the CSM was never named probably should have told me what I knew long before I accept it. We just weren’t meant to be together. So I offered to return it to the person who gifted it to me or to sell it and pass the money back to him (lets face it, these things don’t sell for $10…) and he refused any and all suggestions to that end.  He gave it to me and what I did with it was fine by him.  So I talked to Mr.Me about selling it, but it just never felt quite right, so the CSM sat in the spare room collecting dust and taking up space.

Then this summer we got to talking about how George takes up kind of a lot of room in the back seat of the truck and how that’s forced me to leave him behind for a few events. This does not make me happy. I love George and I love spinning. When I don’t have them to pass the time at reenactments, I get, well, bored. But space is at a premium, so I started to kick around the idea of looking out for a used castle wheel. And hubby was supportive of this idea. So I started watching the used tools & equipment boards on Ravelry.  And I stumbled over to the CSM board one day and a lightbulb popped over my head… What if I could TRADE the CSM for a wheel?  Could it happen? Well, it never would if I didn’t put it out into the world, so I did.  On a Tuesday.

By Wednesday it was a waiting game to see which of the interested parties would accept the trade.  By Thursday the details were worked out, money had changed hands and the CSM was packed up and ready to go to it’s new home. And by Friday everyone had tracking numbers and a big ball of ZOMGHURRYUPANDGETHERE!

Eight days after the idea was born, Hammond came home to join the family.  Here he is with sister, Millie

Quite an odd pairing, huh?  But they’re both wonderful and I love them equally for their different personalities and attributes.

Hammond has made his reenacting debut, the weekend after I brought him home, actually.  And he wowed the spectators and reenacting community alike.  I am very very happy with my decision to go with a Kromski Minstrel- it offers both double drive and Scotch tension options for spinning which was important to me as I love both systems. George is a double and Millie’s a Scotch so I’ve learned to use them each and was glad I had an option to change between the two.  He takes up a tiny 1/3 of the back seat of the truck which is WONDERFUL! This means the instances where he has to stay behind should be few if any.  And of course he’s made his way back into the house where we’ve been happily spinning away the time I didn’t spend knitting my hat, mittens and scarf! I am completely, utterly and fully in LOVE with this wheel!

And we make good yarn, too!


2 responses to “Someone’s Been Feeling Neglected

  1. Clearly, Hammond was misdirected by the delivery man. He was supposed to come to MEEEEEeeeee!


    He’s beautiful. enjoy

    • hehe I know, right! He’s GORGEOUS.

      But UPS jokes are still a touchy subject- they dropped the box with the CSM in it and broke parts! We’re still sorting that fiasco out!

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