It was a good week for starts- YOP 9/8/13

Maybe not so much a good week for finishes, but it was a great start!  Probably had a lot to do with it being the start of the new term in the House Cup if I’m to be honest- there were things itchin’ to get on the needles that just couldn’t be started until September 1 or later.  And while the Labor Day weekend wasn’t near as productive as I’d hoped, the rest of the week had it’s crazypants moments but I still managed to get some things done.  Or, well, really, started…

The update:

Carry Overs from my first YoP:

  1. Movie Socks– Cast on in 2013, Frogged 8/11/13
  2. Baldersquash
  3. Elphaba the Sequel
  4. Insoucient
  5. Semele– Cast on 5/27/13, Finished 8/1/13.
  6. Epic Blanket of Insanity Happily finished row, have ever the slightest start on row 10 and a plan to complete 2 more rows during the current House Cup term.  Rumor has it I might also have purchased a pack of mini-skeins to add to the blanket knitting fun.

New and Exciting

  1. Derecho– Cast on 7/1/13, still waiting. Bigger and better (read more points) projects On the Needles at the moment
  2. Sock Monkey for A- subject to change to another Parlor Cat
  3. Sock Monkey for O- Cast on 9/3/13
  4. Circle Line for G
  5. Circle Line for S
  6. Deep Blue Sea for Orville– Oh dear. I best hope he doesn’t move soon because his last day’s Friday and, well, I still haven’t started them.
  7. Deep Blue Sea for Jennnnnnnnifer
  8. Ursula Cardigan– FINALLY got the nod from my OWL examiner to cast this on. And was too tired.  So I started it on 9/4. Stupid stupid ribbing.  330 stitches worth. On size 0s. I hate myself. And no matter how much I ignore it it just isn’t knitting itself so I guess I need to suck it up and knit.  At least there’s football again so I get good knitting time. When I’m not stadium-bound.
  9. Peerie Flooers Hat Cast on 7/28/13, Finished 8/4/13  Stay Tuned. I swear there’s a full explanation coming
  10. Peerie Floores Mittens – Cast on 8/6/13, Finished 8/17
  11. Stella Luna
  12. Lonicera

Bring Out Your Dead (WIPs)

  1. Deranged Dad Socks. Started August 2012, Frogged 8/11/13,
  2. Easter Egg On Acid Socks-DOA as of August, 2013.
  3. Fishnet Socks- This are right on the verge of a time out.  Still in my knitting bag but working on a sock monkey as my travel project instead. This does not bode well for the sock…
  4. Knitting Basket Socks #1– FROGGED 8/11/13.
  5. Clog Socks– Frogged
  6. Car Socks– Frogged 8/11/13
  7. Merlia Scarf– Cast on January 2013, Finished 8/17/13.
  8. Shawl Test Knit– Frogged 8/11/13.
  9. Lambton  Frogged 8/6/13

You knew the list would grow.  Heck, I knew the list would grow.  I’m trying to take the starts a little slower, work on the long-term projects, don’t start other things I can’t finish in a night or two. So far so good.

  1. Enterlac Ball- Cast on & Finished 9/1/13
  2. Dish Cloth Extravaganza- 2 done, more to come


Original list: 18 projects

Full Disclosure List: 30 Projects

Current list: 32

OTN: 4/19

Frogged: 8

Finished: 5


9 responses to “It was a good week for starts- YOP 9/8/13

  1. I am really trying hard not to have start-itis. It is really hard. Especially when I see that others are doing it 😉

  2. Starting new projects is always such good fun.

  3. Yay for loads of starts, I have to say, I’ve been trying so hard to hold off starting things until the new term started, so I’ve had a startitis week as well! And I love the Ursula cardigan, looking forward to seeing it as a completed OWL!

  4. starting things can be really excellent…

  5. I know what you mean about holding off for the start of new term and now it’s here I’ve loads I want to enter in for classes lol. Plus I get the hang of Quidditch now !! can’t blieve it took me so long doh ! Hope you have a productive week.

  6. I don’t blame you for adding onto your list. Browsing through patterns and starting ones that tickle your fancy are is just too delightful.

  7. what an honest report!……but doesn’t frogging sometimes feel ‘almost’ as good as finishing?!

  8. I love starting new projects too! It’s so invigorating and I think you’re smart to try and finish so me old ones too. I’ve learned not to start too many HUGE projects which I am prone to do. I love how you organize your lists and their names! Have a great week!

  9. A rumoured pack of mini-skeins? Tell us more!
    Waiting for the start date can be the hardest part of KALs!

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