Dear Knitting

I kind of hate you right now and want to tell you to suck it. SUCK IT. Today was just not the day for you to do me wrong. But I’m humoring you. I’ve ripped out my sleeve cap for a 2nd time. I’ve picked up the stitches for a THIRD F*CKING TIME. Please just work this time, ok? I’ve got too much time and effort into this sweater to be forced to put it in a time out now.  So for the love of Voldermort and all things Death Eater, PLEASE.JUST.WORK.

That is all.



2 responses to “Dear Knitting

  1. I hate those days. Maybe it needs to have some time in the naughty knitting basket while you find something that makes your hands smile and your brain stop hurting).

  2. Oh man, I’ve had projects like that. Time for some project time-out!

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