Monthly Archives: April 2014

Abandon Ship!

Or at least that’s today’s stance on knitting.  Because this happened

The picture doesn’t quite do her justice, but that right there, that’s my new wheel!  After a month and a half of bumping my For Sale post on Ravelry I finally found a taker for my Sidekick and I’d saved an appropriate amount in my PayPal account from eBay sales combined with my birthday money (seriously, even at 40, hanging on to one’s birthday money for THREE WHOLE MONTHS is a HAYOOOG accomplishment!) so that I could bring home Annabelle.  She’s a 24″ double treadle Schacht Reeves made of cherry and absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted a spinning wheel to be!

Going back to childhood, the first spinning wheel I ever remember laying eyes on was a great wheel in the kitchen of some friends of my parents.  I was fascinated even before I knew what I was looking at and ever since, that’s the sort of wheel I wanted.  Fast forward thirty odd years and I saw this one in a shop. And I fell in love. But I didn’t know how to spin and I was afraid to look at her price tag.

A couple of years later I took some lessons and I learned the how to part but the price tag was still a shock.  And then I spun. And spun and spun and spun. And I felt confident enough to try her. Took her for a good long test drive at the beginning of March and I knew we were supposed to be together.  So I made my deal with the hubby- one out for one in, save the money by way of destashing wheels and other craft-related things I’ve not been using and then I could bring her home.  And today was the day.

Seriously I don’t think I had the money in my PP account for 3 hours before I couldn’t take it anymore. I called Bridget to see if she was around and minded if I disturbed her on the day she’s closed, I hopped in the truck because there’s too much stuff in the car to fit a wheel of this stature into it at the moment and i handed over my money to bring home my soul-mate of spinning wheels.  And I’ve spent the rest of the day doing this

That’s the first third of a 4 ounce braid of wool & mohair blend in my favoritest Essential Fiber colorway- Tesla in the Blush saturation.  It’s gorgeous, the wheel’s gorgeous, I don’t think you could slap the happy off my face if you tried. But I’d rather you didn’t try, honestly.  This week is going to kick my butt hard enough (office moving day is Friday. YIKES) but at least I know I can come home to my ultimate zen and spin away the stress of the day.

Gotta run. There are more bobbins to be filled!