Did you like it how

I snuck in yesterday with my first post in, truthfully probably months, and just went about business like nothing unusual happened?  Yeah. I thought it was pretty savvy too.

The thing is, life seems to have gotten in the way.  Work’s been crazy so the little time I do have I’ve been using to craft.  Since last I really dusted off the blog I’ve learned epic tons about dyeing fiber and purchased a Fancy Kitty drum carder from a friend of mine.  (Yes the learning and the drum carder both happened by way of said friend. HIYA Evil!).  I’ve gotten buried under a significant pile of the evilest of evils called WORK and I’ve set my sights on another spinning wheel.  I think back to introducing the world (probably not the WHOLE world.  My little corner of it here and a couple of boards on Ravelry, though) to my first spinning wheel and giggling that I said my first as though I’d expand to more.  I’m pretty sure the only one who didn’t see that coming was my hubby and even he didn’t seem to surprised when one turned to two and two became a collection of three. Four still doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable to ME but space limitations and price tags make that less likely to happen, so I’ve been trying through Rav to sell that first wheel.  It’s not that I don’t love her anymore, it’s just that I don’t LOVE her anymore.  As in I’ve discovered something about her just isn’t physically comfortable for me to spin at for long periods of time.  and more importantly, she just isn’t getting the love she deserves. But since she’s my first and the wheel I bought thanks to my Grandma, I can’t just give her up.  So I’m trying to convert her by sale and addition of some extra craft-destash funds into my dream wheel, a Schacht Reeves.

It’s the wheel that first weakened my knees when I decided to buy a wheel, but with a price tag I couldn’t wrap my head around.  Now that I officially consider myself a spinner, it doesn’t seem so crazy.  Quality tools make all the difference right?  Even my hubby can’t argue THAT logic!  And the wheel I’ve got my eye on is in the shop where I first learned to spin on a wheel just waiting for a new home.  The shop owner bought her with plans to claim her as a primary but found they weren’t a good match so this beautify cherry wheel has been sitting there for years.  I took her for a test drive back in March and I was looking hard for reasons not to love her.  I didn’t find a single one.  So ever since I’ve been working on patience.  It sucks. So if anyone’s looking for an awesome travel wheel  I might could hook you up. And in the mean time I’m dreaming of spinning and plying all the things all the time. You know, except for when that pesky work thing gets in the way…

Oh. Crap. Did I have a point?  Nope. I don’t think I did.  I just missed my blog and figured I better dust it off soon before it decided to break up with me.  So here it is.  Two posts in a row. I’m not crazy enough to think I’m getting my stride back but just like things that scare me, I’m not going to get anywhere if I don’t start somewhere. So hiya!  I’m going to try to be back with some regularity. And by regularity I wouldn’t expect much but we all have to have goals, right? Usually mine is just staying awake and committing no felonies on the day (People think that bumper sticker in my banner is a joke. Probably it’s not as much of a joke as they think). And to knit.  Or spin.  Always there should be knitting or spinning in the day.  At the moment it’s a sweater.

Hey speaking of, it’s WIP Wednesday, isn’t it?  And I have a WIP! It’s my 2nd shot at a Custom Fit sweater. Also read as the first (and now second) sweater I’ve ever knit where I wasn’t too terribly afraid of the fit when I got done! Custom Fit is an awesome new thing by Amy Herzog.  You give the site your measurements, knit a swatch to get a fabric you like and tell the site the deers on your swatch, choose your design preferences, click a button (the part where money is exchanged of course) and BOOM goes the dynamite! You get a pattern just for you!  It’s so many flavors of awesomesace I don’t even have words for all the flavors!

The first one, well, of course I managed to bork my own gauge  but the yarn (Essential Shawl from Essential Fiber) was pure love to knit with and is so light and drapy to wear you can’t help but love it.  And the colors are amazing.  I don’t even mind showing myself in the picture to show you how fab it all is!

I LOVE this sweater!  So much that I cast on another.  Not the same yarn so it’s not quite as awesome, but it ain’t just too bad.  And I’m hoping for a better fit overall, but no matter what I love that I’m knitting a sweater that should just fit when done.  Since my track record with sweaters is sketchy, this is a HUGE relief! And what’s more, I have 4 more gift codes (the site ran a special at Christmas time, buy some get some free so a friend and I split a 7 turned 10 pack) for different patterns. MORE sweaters for me! I love this. Maybe by next sweater season (or the end of this one which doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to end) I will have a good rotation of sweaters that fit and make me happy.  And maybe I’ll have a new wheel to spin the yarn to knit them. And maybe work will settle down and I’ll have time to spin the yarn and knit the sweaters!

In the mean time I’ll be in the corner trying to stay awake and not commit any felonies.  Wish me luck!


2 responses to “Did you like it how

  1. Lovely to see you back! I hope work calms down and that you’re able to find a way to your dream wheel. I always love your blog header 🙂
    Great sweater. What a great idea to provide customised patterns!

  2. Gorgeous sweater. Welcome back!

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