Always a Work In Progress

My stash room I mean.  It’s the one room in the house where I manage something vaguely resampling organization only that seems largely depended on my not actually setting foot in there.  At least maintaining the organization.  But since deciding to venture into the Etsy world, a new effort seemed necessary.  And also an IKEA trip seemed prudent.

IKEA is addictive.  Living in a small house, the genius ideas for organization and adding space where one didn’t ever consider it existing before is genius!  And every time I get into that store I am overcome by the “It costs $4.  I don’t know what I’ma do with 4 battery operated LED touch lights but I NEED them)”. And we probably shouldn’t even mention what happens when we walk through the gallery of kitchens.  (Yes, that’s going to happen.  An idea has been born, now it needs to fester until after the roof is done and we can put the effort and cash into another remodel.  But for the tiny that is my kitchen, an idea being born where I could actually find myself with more cabinets than I know how to fill HAS to be pursued) but for now it was the stash room.

It amazes me time and time again how much I’ve managed to squash into my stash room.  Fabric is stored in a series of plastic drawer units and hardware bins, fiber is stored in a (growing) number of Rubbermaid tubs and yarn in a set of cubby cubes from Costco stuffed to overflowing with Ziploc bags of yarny deliciousness.  All the other things have been slammed, stuffed and squished into any other inch of space I could eek out.  Until this weekend.  When IKEA’s new Kallax shelving systems called to me.  (used to be the Expedit line, they’ve replaced it with Kallax).  A couple of mismatched book cases (one that I bought fresh out of college, 3 for $99 and another from my Grandparent’s house) have been replaced with this

Which holds a metric CRAPTON of stuff!  The full contents of the old book cases takes up about 1/3 of the total space in the new unit!  And there’s still LOTS of room to play with

Several of the bright blue fabric cubes are empty and the mismatched boxes are partially filled with things that either need to be finished or sold on Ebay or were just put here to get them off the cutting table so I can use that again.  And the room looks so much tidier overall that I can’t WAIT to spend some more time in there!


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