Monthly Archives: July 2014


Srsly that’s like FOREVER…  I could DIE by the time six weeks passes…

Or, you know, that’s a typically impatient me waiting for Wisconsin Sheep & Wool to roll ’round on the calendar.   I made my inaugural trip to the festival last year, just on Friday to check out the Market Place and see how quickly I could make my plastic smoke.  Very VERY quickly, by the way, in case you hadn’t already suspected…  The haul was magnificent

But the experience wasn’t all that I was dreaming of.  Not that it wasn’t great, please don’t mistake me there, it just….  it wasn’t ENOUGH.  I’d under-prepared, planning just the single day, wandering the festival alone, etc.  So I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this year.  But then disaster nearly struck- An event that changed it’s dates!  Moved up a week! HOW DARE THEY, right?  Only luckily my hubby’s a good egg. he knew I really wanted to take some classes and expand my knowledge base. Also he wasn’t thrilled with the event and didn’t see why I couldn’t just skip it.  This conversation happened on our way to a different event last month.  I said Monday I’d sign up for my classes.  I didn’t wait. Friday, on my phone, traveling through the middle of Wisconsin on twisty windy roads with spotty data coverage, I signed up!

I am scheduled for the Friday Afternoon Intro to Cormo class with Beth Smith (who comes highly recommended as a teacher by my friend EvilMichelle) and an all day Saturday class on goat fibers.  I am SO excited I could burst!  I’m even trying to con Evil into joining me at the festival.  Because festivals with a buddy are always more fun, right?  She will either be the voice of reason or enabling that I need when wandering the market place.  If I know her the way I think I know her, I’m pretty sure reason won’t be the option. Except, maybe, for making all the enabling seem totally reasonable.  Which I’m OK with!

At any rate, I am very excited to be signed up for something beyond the basic this is  wheel, this is how you make yarn spinning classes.  I’ve got the how to make yarn part down pretty well. Now I want to learn more about the processing and the planning to spin the “right” yarn.  And I’m hoping for the chance to meet up with some other Ravelers. I know a few of my blog readers attended the same festival last year, hoping MAYBE you guys will give a shout out and we can grab a coffee and grope some wool while there.  And most of all I just can’t wait to surround myself in all the wonder that is wool for a couple of days with people who feel the same way.  My people.

But SIX WHOLE WEEKS TO WAIT?  Ima die of excitement before then, I swear….