Magic Bean Juice and Blocking

What do you mean this isn’t how everyone starts their workday?

imageOn the right, the morning essential I lovingly refer to as my magic bean juice.  Coffee and I haven’t always gotten along but since somewhere around 38 or 39 it’s become an essential part of my morning evolution.  Without it I don’t speak in words let alone full sentences and chances of me remembering to do life’s essential tasks (like putting pants on before leaving the house, that sort of thing) remains dubious at best. Coffee, I apologize from the deepest part of my soul for shunning you all those years.  I hope I can do you justice going forward.

On the right, well, that might be the more unusual bit…  I’m on a deadline for getting a yarma_medium2pattern up on Ravelry…  If you followed me over to my newer blog location (the one I’m not sure  is gonna stick cuz as much as I thought I outgrew this one, well, it turns out maybe I just needed to find my inspiration to get back to it.  I missed it!) you may have seen yesterday’s post  about launching my very first self-published pattern out into the world.  While having done so still scares the snot out of me, I did it.  My Perfect Fit Cabled Mitts have been released into the wild and people are actually downloading it! My gob is thoroughly smacked, but it’s made it into queues! OF PEOPLE I DON’T EVEN KNOW!  My brain is not quite grasping the reality but my Rav account tells me I’m a designer! OMB HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Except that the magic of Ravelry makes it possible. Any hack can do it. I know cuz I did. And I’m a total hack! But I digress…

The mug on the left- that’s the gauge swatch for pattern number two.  Boot Cuffs that will be on display as shop samples with the yarn to knit ’em if you’re so inclined. This weekend is Yarn Con, a fantastic celebration of all things Indie yarn and fiber, in Chicago and, for the 2nd year, I will be booth bitch for Michelle at Essential Fiber.  My Mitts and Cuffs are part of the display and will have information for where to find the pattern if people further smack my gob by wanting to make them. So I better have the pattern available, right? Which means I have 2 days to put the finishing touches on the write up so that it looks pretty and I can make it available.  Which means I need to do crazy things like finally measure my gauge swatch. Which means I really needed to steek that bad boy and block it so I can measure it. Which means it had to come to work with me so that I can get the stupid thing to dry to take proper measurements because I am Level Expert at procrastination and  I can’t do this thing tomorrow night because I have to go out with my husband to celebrate our 16th anniversary because our actual anniversary is Friday and I will be in Chicago with Michelle and he, well, will not.  So yeah, desperate times and all that…  At the moment I’m trying hard not to mix up the two cups. In a few I’ll squeeze my swatch dry and pop it on the heating vent to facilitate drying. Hopefully by tonight, the pattern will join it’s hand warming sibling.

Hopefully releasing a second pattern into the wild will be less terrifying…

Oh. After all that, how ’bout a preview?



3 responses to “Magic Bean Juice and Blocking

  1. wow – so much going on! Don’t drink the swatch water… and I LOVE both mitts and boot cuffs. I’ll pop over to Ravelry…

  2. tigersharkknits

    Both are adorable! Spinning, knitting, designing…can dyeing be far off?

    • Oh dear I have whoafully neglected this little corner of the bloggesphere, haven’t I… Perhaps I’ll share my self striping dye experiment tomorrow… Dyeing started YEARS ago, though. Dedicated dye space and everything, although like most stuff I’m a complete hack, I still kick out fun things sometimes!

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