Monthly Archives: June 2016

Today I am sad.


I try to say away from too much “real world” here, preferring to stick to the light, the happy, the fibery goodness that is my solace in the big bad world but today I can’t.  Today I am sad.  Sad for 50 innocent lives tragically ended. 53 more who will forever wear the physical scars of the tragedy. How many more who walked away physically unharmed but forever changed.  Hundreds if not thousands of friends and family members whose lives were inextricably changed by a few moments time and a lifetime of hate.

I am sad to see my Facebook News feed filled with so much animosity for those of differing ideologies.  Sad to see our nations supposed leaders using tragedy for political posturing.  Sad to see my friends jab at one another through pithy memes and hurtful words.

Orlando did not happen because of the NRA or Christians or Muslims or Republicans or Democrats or Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama or gun manufacturers, sellers or owners.  Orlando happened because one man held hate in his heart and turned that hate against his fellow man.  Everything else is just an excuse.  Hate isolates. Hate festers. Hate hands a victory to those who wish to divide us, to destroy us.   We need to remember how to spread love.  We need to remember the good in each other to see the good in the world around us. We need to not let hate win.

I don’t care if you’re black or white, Asian or Indian, Christian or Muslim, gay, straight or anything in between.  It is not my place on this earth to judge you  (unless you’re an asshole. I absolutely reserve the right to judge assholes) (Come on. Sad or not, I’m still me. You had to see that coming right?).  I am but one insignificant blip on the blue marble struggling to get through the crazy ride that is life. I lean on you, you lean on me, and together lets try to make the world a better place by ending the shouting and finding the good in each other. Probably pictures of silly animals will help. Because I don’t want to face another day where tragedy fosters hate instead of love. Help a girl out. Say something nice on the book of faces. Tell someone how much you love them because we insignificant little blips on the blue marble are flawed and we need to be reminded that there is love, that there is joy, that tomorrow we have a chance to be better and maybe there’s no time like right now for tomorrow to begin.