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I Can Make Yarn

I know.  I’ve been doing that for a good while now.  Lots and lots of yarn.  Why just last term I made all this


That would be the 1800+ yards I dyed and spun for my NEWT. The idea there was that I’d dye and spin the solar system so each yarn represents one of the planets and I tried a few different new to me ply structures- the red, for example, is a cable.  Another one I did an opposing ply for extra bounce and supposed durability.  And I can’t remember what else I did anymore cuz I’ve slept since then.  But overall I spun well over 4000 yards total in singles and had a blast.  But that’s not really the point of the title.

That’s more that I’ve discovered I can make actual knit-able yarn with a drop spindle!  Probably this shouldn’t be noteworthy or even exciting, but somehow it is.  Because my first days of drop spindling produced a lot of wonky but not a lot of knit-worthy end product.  But now.  Now I can make yarn.  On a drop spindle! And I can do so with relative efficiency!  This bitty little skein

Is 45 yards of 2 ply off of my Turkish. Spun entirely over family conversation after Easter dinner.  Fascinated the family, kept my hands busy so I could also participate in the conversation and looks surprisingly Eastery, don’t you think?  And is consistent enough to add into my EBI when I get ’round to growing it.  There are other examples, too, but I gotta be honest, I’m just too dern lazy at the moment to take a picture so you’ll have to take my word for it.