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Oh.My.Bob A Finished Object!

And it’s FRIDAY!  So that means, for the first time in at least a month of Sundays, I can officially tag this:



OH YEAH! WHO’S DA MAN?! ^5 and all that stuff.

After what seems like freaking forEVER, I finally finished the monkey!

Yeah, his face is lopsided.  His ears don’t match. Chances are his legs and arms are different lengths, but you know what?  I think the 3.5 year old isn’t going to notice.  Or at least I hope she doesn’t.  I hope she just loves him. Cuz that was the whole point in knitting him.

And Grandma gets to tick another one off the list! Can I get a WOOT?

OK, seriously, I know, 250 yards worth of sock monkey (who still needs eyes and, I think, a heart tattoo on his bum) isn’t the greatest knitterly accomplishment in all the land.  Frankly it’s not even the greatest knitterly accomplishment in all the month. But Considering he was cast on in early September and I’m really kind of over the whole knit the monkey bit, I am feeling relieved.

Also that’s one down on the giftmas list!