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So that was weird

For… I dunno, 8 or 9 years. Or maybe 7, I can’t remember things, I’ve been going to quilting night once a month. at Ye Olde School House.  It started out as the 2nd Monday of the month for a hand appliqué group and eventually merged into the 3rd Wednesday in a multi-craftual work on what you want kind of setting.  The group has grown and shrunk, I’m ALWAYS the youngest one in the room unless someone brings their child or grand child, but the conversation is entertaining, the shop owner is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and I’ve kept going because overall it’s a fun night doing something different.

Tonight was quilting night. And it turned out I didn’t want to go.  Not completely unheard of, just usually it happens because work’s been kicking my butt, we’ve got events and too much to do or I’m just generally sick or tired. Tonight was none of those things. Tonight I wanted to come home and ride my bike instead.  I was bummed that I couldn’t get out for a ride last night because of rain and I know I’m not going to get out this weekend because of our event so I wanted to ride.

Me. The consummate couch potato…  Wanted to do the exercise thing instead of the crafty chatty pet pretty fabric thing. And you know what- IT WAS AWESOME!  I hit a couple of “milestone” personal bests- fastest 10 miles at 43:26, First 20k in 55:14 and first full hour ride covering 21.34k.  Which made it the longest ride to date at 14.46 miles! I have much proud!

Now I need to get some spinning in for Tour de Fleece.