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Do Something That Scares You

Some credit Eleanor Roosevelt for the quote, some say Emmerson, some say other things, but the point is, in life, sometimes you have to close your eyes and jump in to something new.  Sometimes it results in epic fails, sometimes it’s just the every day little things, sometimes it turns into something great, but you just never know until you do it, right?

In the last year, I’ve done this in a few ways with techniques or patterns that scared me.  The big one was my Ursula Cardigan

The knitting part wasn’t such a scary thing aside from my usual (largely rational) fear of spending weeks knitting a sweater that won’t fit, but from the end part… Where I had to steek it.  Cutting into 9 months worth of yarn spinning and another month and a half’s worth of knitting was almost enough to bring me to my knees.  But I did it. And I survived.  And it fit. So win!

Then there’s lace. Lace is something of a nemesis.  I am ok with it in small form like socks, or even the occasional knit border, but a LOT of lace in lace weight yarn… *GULP*  But in December I got a wild hare to knit an Advent Calendar scarf and of I went with it.

If we all promise to only view it at a distance of 20 yards from a galloping horse, that one turned out darn near perfect!  Reality is it wasn’t perfect but it’s not too shabby either.  So we’ll call that a win, too!

I’m in the midst of a really big scary thing at work, too.  Not necessarily something I chose, but I promise the prospect of coordinating a move of 2 offices into one, choosing furniture, finishes and making it all happen with less information that one would like… SCARY AS HELL.  But I’m plowing through that, too.  So of course now’s the PERFECT time to undertake another something scary right? Clearly perfect…

I mentioned a while back (which is probably the last post) that I’d been contemplating an Etsy venture.  Open shop, put some of my crazy fabric stash to work supporting my current crafting ventures. I hemmed. I hawed.  I kept pondering. I finally decided I’ll never know unless I try so I did it.  TwistedTreadles is officially on the Etsy rolls and open for business.  I don’t necessarily know why this scares me nor do I necessarily expect wild success, but if I don’t try, how will I know, right?  So the shop is stocked with a handful of project bags for spinning and knitting.  I have plans for more and fabric to stock myself for YEARS (maybe that’s not the sort of sunny optimism I should project… Hmmm) But even if I do manage some sales, the truth is, I still have enough fabric to stock a shop for quite some time!  And if I sell nothing, I’ve turned some fabric into some pretty bags I can use in House Cup swaps.  And I’ve spent some time with my sewing machine which hasn’t happened in a while. SO really, I’m out nothing and I’ve spend some time relaxing and doing something I love. So I say win again!

What have you done lately that scares you?