Monthly Archives: January 2014

So this happened

That’s right, another tick on the odometer has rolled. Sadly the Birthday Goddess martini glass was sporting nothing stronger than diet coke, but what the heck, I rang in my new year with a bang.  Green & purple highlights in my 40 year old hair, martini glass for all the beverages consumed at work that day.  The realization of a lifelong dream….  That’s right. I FINALLY got the big Barbie head!

Which is actually TWO Barbie heads of hair-doing awesome since I have the best work friends in the whole world!  Thriller hands Barbie has a place of honor in my office.  I like to call this the shelf of super ossim WTFery… Because seriously, it’d be creepy if it wasn’t so stinkin’ much fun, right?

It’s like a creepy little glimpse into the crazy that goes on in my head.  And it makes me giggle every day.  Barbie’s accessories are on the shelf with her and more than one person has come in to dab a bit of “makeup” in her or brush her hair a little.  And when I decide to take her home I can have my friends over to play Barbie heads.  I am very excited for this!

There was also a trip to the local Japanese steakhouse.  Nothing beats fake Japanese food cooked in front of you with the occasional appearance of big flames to bug the little one’s eyes out!  Except maybe for reliving the college days with my bestie over a Flaming Volcano

For real, you have to respect a drink that comes with straws 2 feet long.  And a bestie willing to wear her age on her head, too!

I honestly can’t think of much that would have made it a better birthday all around.  40 did not scare me in the least. No “Sally” melt down about how I was going to be 40 some day, no crazy meltdown because I’m not a 30-something anymore…  Nope.  Not this kid.  I find it the perfect excuse to unleash my inner 12 year old and have fun.  Cuz it beats the heck out of looking at daisies from the root side, don’t you think?

As a final bit of celebration, I’m off to visit a friend and play spinning wheels for the weekend.  And pick up a drum carder. And get into as much trouble as we can manage in 3 days. Without leaving the house most of the time. The Advent Calendar scarf should be finished and blocked by the time I head home on Monday. Wool will be spun. Cocktails will be consumed. Food (and CAKE.  Especially cake) will be nommed…  All in all, I can’t think of much that sounds better!